Letters to the Editor

No keystone pipeline

In the Keystone XL Environmental Impact Statement there is no mention of PAH's, VOC or radioactive material and no mention of the human health concerns when there is a leak.

On April 18, 2013 in Nebraska a TransCanada representative stated if there was an oil leak we would do an “in-situ natural attenuation”, ”let nature take its course” in other words they are going to do nothing to clean up the oil spill.

The TarSands Oil refined in Texas then ships to China, it will not be sold in the US. So we get the pollution, the health risks, 35 permanent jobs plus the spills.

TransCanada’s first responders will take 12 hours to respond to an oil spill site. The very first responders will be land owners, farmers, volunteer fire fighters, EMT’s, and local sheriff department. Will TransCanada pay to train local first responders and provide hazmat suits?

Our gas prices will not go down, our food, water and cleanup prices will certainly go up and our farmland and water may become unusable. The money leaves, we get the mess.

No KXL please. People in Texas want jobs, but not to die for Chinese oil.

— Alice Burkhart, Fort Worth