Letters to the Editor

Challenge to seniors

I just read a most informative article titled “Poor education stats demand change” (Tuesday).

The article sheds light on the dismal lack of children participating in post-secondary education. Having an interest in children’s education, I have often wondered why school districts don’t tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience of older citizens who might be retired and could contribute so much.

I realize that there are many older volunteers in schools, but feel that a larger “army” of helpers could stem the tide of statistics shown in the cited article.

My generation received excellent public school education that carried many of us far in the workplace.

It was my experience being a reading mentor at an elementary school that these children are craving attention and will flock to older people.

If I had the time, skills and connections, I would try my hand at recruiting volunteers, but must leave that to someone better equipped to do so. However, so many of us are living years beyond what was expected and have time on our hands not necessarily filled with gainful activities.

Will someone step up and accept this challenge?

— Doris Bivens, Granbury