Letters to the Editor

Letters: Political campaigns

Voter guide?

I received a disturbing green card in the mail. It contained a list of “candidate recommendations.”

I believe such campaigning is unfair and unethical because:

• It tends to rig the election, certainly skews the outcome and encourages thoughtless rubber-stamping.

• It is unfair to the competitors and the voters who deserve a balanced playing field.

• It is of dubious value, since it conveys no specific information about any of the individuals. So why are they better qualified for the contested position?

— Robert L. Hayford, Mansfield

Trustworthy judge

I am going to vote for Judge Jesse Nevarez because of his character.

I’m so grateful he has chosen to run in spite of all of the reasons to stay out of politics.

Family court judges are on the front lines of society’s problems. I trust Jesse to follow the law and to do what’s best for my clients and their children.

I trust he won’t make bad situations worse, but will stop the bleeding and that he won’t be afraid to enforce the law.

— Kelly Decker, Fort Worth

Character counts

I’ve had the great blessing of getting to know Mary Tom Curnutt.

I wholeheartedly support Mary Tom as our Justice of the Peace in Arlington. We need someone who knows and lives character, hard work and public service.

She has successfully assumed the helm since being unanimously appointed by our Commissioners Court last spring, getting rave reviews, and is most definitely worthy of our support.

— Burt Hyde, Arlington

Service and respect

Voting for John Clark for Tarrant County’s 231st District Court will bring stability, integrity, and proper interpretation of law to the court.

He brings 30 years of practicing Family Law, and a confidence built on ethics and good choices. He is supported by his family where love, honor and respect are paramount. He is respected in his community, having served as councilman and mayor for Kennedale.

— Deborah Reed, Arlington

Inconsistent candidate

Who is Jonathan Stickland?

• The man who pledged to take no money from lobbyists or the man who received $160,000 from lobbyists and special interests?

• The man who claims to be Christian and moral or the man who has been loud, bullying, and controversial?

• The man who says he represents his district or the man who wrote that the Hurst-Euless-Bedford school district sucks and his family would never use it?

Far too many inconsistencies for this voter. I will proudly support Andy Cargile for the Texas House seat for District 92.

— Deborah Chaney, Bedford

Records not rhetoric

What would George P. Bush do as land commissioner?

What are the issues, the problems, Bush’s solutions?

He volunteered nothing remotely substantive on a recent Fort Worth stop.

We need less on Wendy Davis’ divorce and more on the bills she sponsored in the state Senate and their fate.

Greg Abbott’s repugnant choice of shills makes for titillating reading, but what we really need is definitive analysis of his achievements and near-misses, successes and failures, as attorney general.

Obsessing on Davis’ gun and abortion views (whatever they are this week) ignores, to electorate detriment, her body of work.

— Barbara Chiarello, Arlington

Exemplary judge

Carey Walker is a person of great integrity, honesty, and high moral standards.

I know he will be an exemplary judge.

— Marilyn Garrett, White Settlement