Letters to the Editor

Open carry

God has blessed us with two common-sense gubernatorial candidates with a vision for our future.

I grew up worshiping Hoppy and Tom Mix. Wow! Just imagine me with two pearl-handled .45s in silver-inlaid holsters hanging off each hip. Awesome. Or maybe a Winchester 30-30, like the Rifleman had that he could shoot like an AK 47. I might get some chaps, maybe a Derringer for my boots — like a cool gambler. I can’t decide.

I think at my age the John Wayne look might be more appropriate. Just a plain belt with a simple unadorned holster, a big hat, maybe a vest. Hope the open carry law passes soon. But until then, I guess I’ll have to go unadorned, looking like what I am — an old fat man. Shucks.

— David Broiles,

Fort Worth