Letters to the Editor

Water worries

Your article stating the region’s gas wells “only” used four percent of our water in 2011 gives me little comfort. What they used was fresh water, which after fracking gets injected deep underground where it will never again be a part of the normal hydrologic cycle of evaporation and precipitation.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, fresh water only accounts for 2.5 percent of the water on the earth. Of that, just a small portion is available to sustain human, plant, and animal life, and it’s not necessarily where the population distribution is. The water used to extract gas in north Texas comes almost exclusively from our lakes, which, if anyone has paid any attention in the last decade, are seriously low. These same lakes provide us with our drinking water.

Just think for a moment what the impact of a declining volume of water is on the increasing number of people moving to north Texas. Any one category of user taking more than their fair share is a danger to the rest of us.

Water is a life-sustaining commodity. This is going to reach critical mass in coming decades, maybe sooner.

— Daniel J Haase, Fort Worth