Letters to the Editor

Wendy Davis example

All Wendy Davis has to do is be compared to the alternative, and I’m in.

Her story is one I want my political leaders to have. I want them to experience humble beginnings and remember the people who helped them achieve success. I want them to know what it’s like to fear the bills, to worry that their shortcomings will limit their children’s potential, to grieve that they didn’t repay all the support they’ve received.

I want my leaders to be kept awake at night by the nightmares of tomorrow’s responsibilities. Then I want them to overcome their failings and give their kids — their state, their nation — a better future, and pay back tenfold everyone who assisted along the way.

Of course Wendy Davis isn’t perfect, and of course she’s ambitious, but she’s from where we are. People in power become insulated, but if they hail from a non-privileged start then there’s a better chance they will have empathy for others. Nothing is more important than that.

— Teggan Baltensperger,