Letters to the Editor

Greene on Davis

I have long admired Richard Greene and his wife, Sylvia, for their work on behalf of Arlington.

I was disappointed by his weak argument against Wendy Davis in Sunday’s column, “What a Gov. Davis would really mean.” I suspect he was on GOP auto-drive when he wrote the column, what with the obligatory Founders references and how their principles are under attack.

“The Democrats are coming!” he seems to be warning.

I do agree that the Davis campaign fudged on some of the back-story details. I do not agree that it rises to a “concocted” version.

Davis’ back-story and current story are exhaustive: law practice, state senator, Fort Worth City Council, graduated from TCU and Harvard law, community college, mother, wife, daughter and sister.

Any way you spin it, she has my respect. I think, too, she would have the respect of our Founding Fathers and mothers.

— Mary Lochridge, Arlington