Letters to the Editor

Letters: Pulling plug on a pregnant woman

Finally, thanks to Judge R. H. Wallace Jr., the Muñoz family has closure. John Peter Smith Hospital had inveigled themselves into the Muñoz’s lives to interpret their version of forced life support.

This surreal scenario with this misogynistic law was tantamount to a hostage situation for the Muñoz family with JPS at the helm. Legislative action is needed to curtail the pirouetting in a law about forced life support.

— Sharon Ream, Fort Worth

I am appalled by the decision not to appeal Judge Wallace’s flawed decision, so effectively facilitating Marlise Muñoz’s death and that of her child.

Wallace’s rationalized decision biologically separated Muñoz from the clear provisions of the law, so exceeding his authority. Wallace is not a legislator. He cannot alter the law, only apply it. The law has no provision to support the judge’s finding.

His decision effectively disenfranchised Muñoz, disavowing her humanity, disqualifying her citizenship, her protection under the law and the fundamental provisions of the Constitution.

Several individuals deemed “brain dead” have inexplicably returned to full consciousness. Similarly, unborn children assessed by physicians as “abnormal” or “damaged” have been free of imperfections upon birth. Such medical diagnoses remain seriously subject to error.

All human life is unique, precious and inviolate. Everyone is entitled to a chance for life irrespective of their stage or condition of development. Life is preeminent. Bereft of life all other provisions and/or rights of the Constitution are moot.

In my view the board of John Peter Smith Hospital has not upheld the health standards or respect for human life to which they individually and collectively are committed.

— John Quin, Arlington

Our Republican candidates for lieutenant governor have chosen to seize onto the Muñoz case in order to further push their ideology. They have vowed to make this cause a high priority in the next legislature. What do they want?

Will every woman that arrives at the emergency room be required to undergo a pregnancy test? If this woman tests to be three weeks pregnant but dies from her injuries in a car accident, will she be plugged in to act as an incubator for this fetus for the next five to six months?

These politicians are trying to force their beliefs on us. If they’re so convinced it’s God’s will for every baby to be born regardless of circumstances, how can they deny God’s will on the day of our death?

My God will be waiting for me in heaven the day I die, not six months later when some legislators decide it’s time to unplug me.

— Teri Flanagan, Fort Worth

My heart goes out to the Muñoz family for the many weeks of anguish they have suffered. Monday night’s debate by Republican candidates for lieutenant governor seems to indicate that these men will support such suffering to continue in the future.

All voters should remember the debate when they cast their ballots in November. These four men (and probably this year’s state Republican Party platform) value the life of the unborn over the lives of the previously born family members. Please vote for candidates who respect true family values.

— Nesha Morey, Arlington

No matter what opinion any of us has on the subject of abortion, the plight of the Muñoz family in these past weeks is heartbreaking. Being pro-life in no way diminishes my sadness at the decisions Erick Muñoz and his family have been faced with.

But at the end of her very short time on this earth, let’s give this precious child the dignity that every life deserves. The name Nicole has been given to a baby — not a fetus.

— Diane C. Etzel, Fort Worth

Erick Muñoz is a hypocrite. Fetuses don’t have names, babies do. He wouldn’t give Nicole two more weeks to possibly have been born viable, but instead suffocates her in the womb and then gives her a name?

Nicole had a heartbeat, as did her mother. Nicole had brain activity. Had Nicole been born she would have faced challenges, but a lot of babies are born imperfect.

I personally am sickened by his hypocrisy.

— Carol Guarnieri, Fort Worth