Letters to the Editor

Not worth sacrifice

After watching the severely wounded Army Ranger, Sgt. 1st Class Cory Remsburg, during the State of the Union address, and hearing of his wounds, surgeries and recovery, I am in awe and proud knowing we have soldiers like him, but saddened by the lifetime burdens he will bear.

After listening to the continuing shenanigans of Afghanistan’s seemingly psychotic President Karzai, which include blaming the U.S. military for doing its job, releasing terrorists from prison and refusing to sign an agreement for U.S. forces to remain post-2014, why do we continue to coddle him?

How many more service members will be lost while we politically stutter through the unwinnable war? Karzai’s belligerence and bellicose attitude toward the U.S. make us look like impotent fools.

It makes little difference if we withdraw our remaining troops in 2014 or 2020, Afghanistan will revert to its historic tribal infighting with little to show for our years of involvement.

It is not worth one more Cory Remsburg. Bring the troops home now. They have courageously done their mission. Our politicians cannot say the same.

— William S. Taylor, Colleyville