Letters to the Editor

Street sense

I currently drive Forest Park Boulevard six days a week and have for more than five years. Some trips are during rush hour.

Before the street was re-striped, many drivers exceeded the speed limit, zigzagging their way through this four-lane thoroughfare. The single lane in each direction now creates an orderly flow inducing drivers to respect the 35 mph speed limit.

Previously, vehicles making left-hand turns from the inside thru lane contributed to traffic backup and congestion and risked being rear-ended. The new center lane for left-hand turns solves this problem.

At times during rush hour, there are some traffic backups at the Park Place and Mistletoe Avenue traffic light intersections. What is seldom mentioned is that this inconvenience, when it does happen, is intermittent and only for a few hours a day on weekdays. The boulevard is traveled 24/7.

The re-design/re-striping of the Forest Park Boulevard considers the overall use of the road, is appropriate to the neighborhood context and does not address only “a handful of people’s desires” as has been stated. Let’s keep it that way.

— Ray Guy, Fort Worth