Letters to the Editor

Rise of Tea Party

Democrats and Republicans hate the Tea Party. Democrats because the Tea Party is conservative and regard the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the foundation of the most prosperous, moral, freedom-loving country the world has ever produced.

The Republicans hate it because the GOP has lost its way and been overtaken by a bunch of weak-willed, lazy, self-serving egotists. They are disgraceful, spineless, useless, rich hypocrites.

Conservatives aren’t leaving the Republican Party; the Republican Party has deserted and betrayed conservatives.

Oh, they talk tough. Speaker of the House John Boehner gives a good speech on how tough the Republicans will be, but then he rolls over and plays dead.

He reminds me of a guard dog who bares his teeth, growls and barks; then wags his tail and lays on his back for you to scratch his belly.

The GOP has no one to blame for the popularity of the Tea Party but themselves. The GOP should change their name to the RINO Party.

— Jim C. Wright, DeSoto