Letters to the Editor

Ludicrous sentence

In the last few months, there has been two seemingly outrageously inappropriate sentences given to two individuals found guilty of causing the deaths of innocent victims. In the latest case, a Dallas Cowboys football player was given 10 years probation and will only serve time in jail because a judge mandated it .

The jury that handed down this sentence apparently did not give a lot of credence to the fact that this individual is a repeat DWI offender and apparently learned nothing from being put on probation the first time. Add this to the fact that the individual tried to cut off his ankle bracelet while on probation and was suspected of doing drugs while out on bond waiting his second DWI trial, the sentence of probation for 10 years seems ludicrous at best and a cop-out by the jurors.

The sad thing about sentences like these is that it sends the wrong message to the public, and the individuals involved really learn nothing from the crimes committed and deaths they cause. The odds are high that both of these individuals will be involved in future incidents and we can only hope no additional deaths are caused by their actions.

—Jim Nelson, Fort Worth