Letters to the Editor

Davis’ record

As a lifelong Republican, I voted for Richard Greene every time he ran.

I say to him, and all of you people who are afraid of Wendy Davis, you need to do nothing more than look at the bills she has authored since she has been a state senator. Most all of these ended up never making it out of Republican-controlled committees because they had no intention of helping her shining star grow any brighter.

If you choose to look, you will find bills she filed that sought to lower insurance rates, control utility rates, control predatory lending practices, increase education spending, protect equal pay for women, improve veterans’ benefits, improve transparency in government, end cronyism and put more teeth into ethics laws. None called for new taxes or a change in abortion laws.

I find none of these to be “liberal.” They were submitted to the benefit of all Texans, regardless of party affiliation.

Wendy as governor, with a Republican controlled house and senate, would, at least, put some checks and balances back into state government. Over the last decade, legislators have served “Big Money” and special interests to the detriment of the rest of us.

— John T. Johnson, III, Arlington