Letters to the Editor

Review of review

What an insult to Renzo Piano to insinuate that the wood panels [in the new auditorium] were faux. You don’t build a world-class museum and add faux wood paneling in one of its signature rooms. (See: “Olga Kern recital inaugurates auditorium in Kimbell annex,” Friday)

And that is Renzo Red, not “bright” red, on the not-too-narrow seats. Some people have to find something wrong with everything or it doesn’t make news.

I thought the recital was spectacular — the room, the acoustics, the Steinway, all shiny and new, and Olga was jaw-dropping gorgeous in that red dress. She had every man in that room loving classical music.

She could have played Chopsticks and they would have been impressed. I had never been to a piano concert and she had me spellbound. She gave us three short encore pieces at the end and really didn’t seem to want to stop. The reception afterward was a great closing to a fabulous performance. That’s how you write a review on a once-in-a-lifetime event.

— Stephanie Usher, Fort Worth