Letters to the Editor

Wrong-headed columnist

Bob Ray Sanders took aim at our state's leaders in his latest column for developing new regulations for those desiring to become “navigators,” people hired and trained with federal tax dollars to “guide people through the process” of buying health insurance under Obamacare.

Bob Ray doesn't seem to have much concern for the individuals and employers saddled with onerous new burdens by this big-government boondoggle.

If only the authors of the healthcare law and the bureaucrats churning out its recondite rules and regulations had been as reasonable and discrete as the Texas Department of Insurance, who crafted the new standards that individuals must meet to qualify as Obamacare “navigators” in Texas.

— Adam L. Arrington, Fort Worth

Gil LeBreton’s piece on the Seattle Seahawks (See “Villain Seahawks are Manning's anti-heroes,” Jan. 20) was correct regarding the ’Hawks and Richard Sherman being cast as “villains.”

But I disagree with his statement that there is nothing wrong with mouthy, trash-talking professional football players. There is everything wrong with it.

For more than 30 years we have progressively been subjected to prima-donna, chest thumping, “hey look at me” football players. Sherman’s actions were just another example.

The NFL overlooks this behavior because it makes for good TV, but this isn’t professional wrestling. The league espouses football as a team effort but what kind of sportsmanship lessons are being demonstrated to our children here?

What I see is the sports media condoning the actions of a thug.

The league has become very concerned about head injuries, but where is the concern about the brain damage being inflicted on us fans by all this televised bad behavior?

— Glen Brawley, Mineral Wells

Former Mayor Richard Greene seems to think that there is a vast ominous conspiracy in the national media, controlled by the Democrats, whose sole purpose is to create scandals and mayhem for Republicans.

Alert, Mayor Greene: The Chris Christie fiasco was a self-inflicted wound, widely reported by both liberal and conservative media outlets.

It may have begun as a traffic jam, as Greene puts it, but it has escalated to include more allegations including misuse of government funds and official oppression.

I take issue with Greene’s statement: There are signs that Gov. Christie’s popularity is actually growing and that people who had never heard of him, have now and are impressed.”

Such a statement has no factual background.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan said it best: “You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.”

— John H. Brown, Arlington

Just when I think the Star-Telegram can't get any further right, you hire a another privileged conservative such as Cynthia M. Allen.

Along with writing about the morality of extending unemployment benefits, let’s hear about all the jobs her conservative party lost back in 2008 and their plans to recover these jobs.

Why not write about the GOP/conservative jobs plan that is needed but is not forthcoming for 6 years? Or better yet, let her explain how morality even enters this conversation?

Only a privileged few (the top 1 percent) feel they have the right to pontificate on the problems these unemployed Americans face.

— Susan Hornbeck,

Fort Worth