Letters to the Editor

Life, death decision

Mike Norman is “dead” wrong. (See: “News of ‘abnormal’ Muñoz fetus dims hope,” Friday) In horrifying fashion, pro-life zealots emulate Baron Frankenstein in their single-minded pursuit of a twisted rendition of the right to life.

Marlise Muñoz died after surgery, a devastating loss for her family made immeasurably worse by the intrusion and interference of self-aggrandizing pro-lifers outwardly dedicated to “less government interference.” Insisting life begins at conception, they now revise the definition of death.

They extend “personhood,” wrongly ascribed to non-viable fetuses, to a woman who has been declared clinically dead by medical doctors, the ones whom society has legally, collectively, historically authorized to make such pronouncements, including assigning time of death.

Norman referred to the woman’s dead-body being on “life support.” Does the ability to use machines to coarse blood through hollow tubes in a vessel constitute life after one is legally declared deceased? May the living legitimize the practice of using dead bodies as fetus incubators against the pre-determined wishes of another living person and those closest to her?

In supporting this heinous practice, they piously ignore the victim’s expressed desires in favor of second-guessing what she might, could or should have done before her death, stubbornly overruling her after death because she didn’t put it in writing. Really?

— Robert Moore, Fort Worth