Letters to the Editor

The liberal mind

Regarding the Friday letter, “Conservative mind,” from Gary Hicks — well, this is the Liberal mind:

•  I don’t brush my teeth, therefore I’ll look for a government program to pay for my dental care.

•  I disobey the laws because basically they don’t apply to me. And if I get arrested, the taxpayers will provide free legal aid.

•  I’ve saved nothing for my future, because I can live off taxpayer money and the success of the hard working my entire life without turning a tap.

•  I don’t answer to God; the government is my God, and my daddy!

This nation was started to get away from a government that was over-bearing and over taxing its citizenry. Maybe you should read a little history, you might learn how and why this country was actually formed.

“Any government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have.”

— Cherita Goodman, Mansfield

I consider myself independent, but his assessment of conservatives misses any sense of reality.

The only portion of his illogical rant I will correct is why our forefathers came here; not to escape conservatism, but to escape from government interference in free speech and religion, oppression, high taxation, and other extreme socialist views, quite similar to what we have today in our Democratic-controlled Senate and White House. Can you say “dictatorship”?

— Jim Stark, Mansfield