Letters to the Editor

Praise for Bolen

A little more than 20 years ago, when I was a rookie on the Dallas City Council, I had the honor of meeting Bob Bolen and in my two-plus decades of public service I never met a better role model.

Mayor Bolen was truly a servant leader in ways and venues too numerous to count. He not only loved Fort Worth and constantly championed his home town, but he knew that while we may be regional rivals, we must be national and international allies. Even when our cities were in the midst of legal disputes, Bolen brought people back to the core issue: “When one of us gets a cut, we both bleed.”

No where was his regional commitment more visible than at DFW Airport. Bolen was a key of every working group, committee or task force charged with solving disputes. When we needed regional rail service, he was integral to reaching the very complex agreement which resulted in our Trinity Railway Express.

Through all his years of public service, Mayor Bolen retained his low-key positive attitude, his friendly open demeanor and his absolute integrity in dealing with others. What a rare and special gift this region had in him.

— Donna Halstead, Dallas