Letters to the Editor

Letters: Candidates in primary races

This is in support of Sharen Wilson for Tarrant County district attorney. Having served on several juries, including a grand jury, I am convinced that the best qualified district attorney is a person who has served as a judge. Only a former judge can understand the complexities of the grand jury process.

Sharen Wilson has the longtime experience on the bench, as well as an attorney and law professor. Her opponent serves up nothing but political mud, has never served on the bench and is clearly less qualified for this critical law enforcement office.

Vote for Sharen Wilson for district attorney.

— Rick Weintraub, Arlington

There are other qualified candidates for Tarrant County District Attorney, but George Mackey is a standout. Legal and prosecutorial experience are a must and, of course, George has both. Ethics and integrity are a must and, of course, George has both. Even temperament and the ability to interact with every segment of society are a must and, of course, George qualifies there as well.

So what gives George an edge that others don’t have? George Mackey was an engineer in the NASA Manned Space program and also served a tour as a United States Air Force officer which gives him invaluable experience in both leadership and management. That experience will serve him well as Tarrant County district attorney.

Elect George Mackey and take the DA’s office to the next level. Vote early or on March 4.

— Clyde Picht, Fort Worth

As a long time Arlington resident, I have seen many politicians come and go. I have found that a true public servant is one who puts his constituents first and looks for ways to solve issues in a reasonable, conscientious manner.

State Rep. Diane Patrick has served our community in this way even prior to becoming our state representative. While serving on the Arlington ISD school board, she consistently put students first, and thoughtfully resolved issues using her fundamental conservative values.

Recently I heard that Rep. Patrick has an opponent whose supporters are saying that Patrick supported Obamacare and spent money needlessly on healthcare reform. Not true! Always check unsubstantiated comments made by the other side.

Diane is the ideal state representative because she listens and then acts responsibly for the people in her district.

— Anne Weydeck, Arlington

Carey Walker and I met after college while opening a new stereo store in Ridglea. We became fast friends and, eventually, regular hunting partners.

Carey is one of the most decent and respectable people I have known and, since departing Texas in 1994, I consider him to be my best friend. He is that rare individual who keeps up with those he cares about — a quality hard to find, especially in a geographic separation that spans 20 years.

My wife and I have discussed more than once that outside of family, in whom would we entrust the raising of our beloved daughter if tragedy befell the two of us: We have always agreed that would be Carey Walker and his wife, Sue.

If genuine character is what one seeks in a candidate for the Texas bench or County Criminal Court No. 2, Carey is that guy.

— Randall Scott Lee, Charlotte, N. Car.

I would like to say a few words about Barbara Nash who is running for the Justice of the Peace of Precinct 2.

Barbara Nash has been a strong and active leader here in Arlington for many many years. She has great credentials and is fully qualified. As a paralegal and our former state representative, Barbara will bring a strong conservative perspective to the JP office. She has proven to be a strong Republican leader in Arlington over the years.

Barbara has the knowledge, integrity and energy needed to serve Arlington in the “People’s Court.” Please join me and my friends in voting for the honorable Barbara Nash on March 4.

— Larry Scala, Arlington