Letters to the Editor

Don’t forget soldier

We try to keep up with all the major news, but it came as a complete shock to learn that an American soldier has been held captive by the Taliban since 2009. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was captured on June 30, 2009. (See: “New video received of captured U.S. soldier,” Jan. 16)

The circumstances of his disappearance are unclear, but what is clear is that one of our own has been subject to certainly unspeakable horrors for more than four years and we must do all things possible to bring him back home. Bergdahl’s parents have initiated a petition on Wethepeople.com to remind Congress that the American public has not forgotten about Bowe and that we want his safe return. Please help get the word out and let your voice be heard by your representatives.

He deserves to be rescued or released from his captors. Bergdahl has put his life on the line for all of us, that we may maintain our way of life, and he tried to make the world a safer place. He must not be forgotten. Please help bring him home safely.

— Nick and Maggie Camperlengo