Letters to the Editor

Conservative mind

Most conservatives I have seen are fairly well off, and they think like this:

•  I brush my teeth and eat healthy and I don’t need healthcare so why can’t everyone be like me, then no one would need healthcare.

•  I am law abiding, pay my taxes, work hard and deserve everything I have, so why can’t everyone be like me and we won’t need law enforcement.

•  I have money to invest and know all the good ways to get more money, so why can’t everyone be like me and we wouldn’t have poverty.

•  I only answer to God, not the government. Why can’t everyone be like me?

Well, Mr. Conservative, why not get rid of all public amenities and just let God handle it all. Surely, He would see to it that we all are safe and sound.

If I’m not mistaken, that’s why a group of us started this great nation in the first place — to escape from the conservatives.

— Gary B. Hicks, Fort Worth