Letters to the Editor

Letters: Stories about Wendy Davis

I have to admit I was surprised you printed the Wendy Davis article. (See: “Some facts are blurry in Davis’ biography,” Monday) It wasn’t favorable to her and called out some of her campaign assertions as being false or misleading.

I cannot fathom why you have chosen to anoint her as the next governor, but I don’t think the majority of Texans approve of her or her positions. How about sticking to the facts and letting the voters make up their own minds?

— Troy Worthy, Hurst

It’s no surprise that Greg Abbott and his allies are launching personal attacks against Wendy Davis and her family. Any time Wendy demonstrates her strength and growing support, they try to tear her down.

Texans are beginning to unite around Wendy. She has generated more support and has raised more money from more people than Abbott or anyone else. It’s scaring them, and they’re lashing out.

Wendy is a strong, courageous woman with a moving and inspirational personal story. Abbott doesn’t get it and doesn’t want to get it.

He just cannot identify with the struggles of a single parent in Texas. This attack is downright offensive to women, especially to Texas women who share this story.

— Erin Baltensperger, Arlington

The important thing about the Wendy Davis story is not the errors or fudging of items such as how old she was then she and her first husband divorced, or how far her mother went in school. We need to skip items about personality and change our focus to her character and policy.

So far, we know little or nothing about Wendy’s policies. Where does she stand on the 2nd Amendment, immigration, taxes, education, the XL Pipeline, etc.?

As far as her character, we know little. But, the facts are that her second husband, Jeff Davis, paid for her to attend Texas Christian University and Harvard Law School. He had to cash in his 401(k) retirement and take out loans to pay for her education.

The day after the last student loan was paid off, she left him and her two children. That says a lot about her character.

All of this chatter about her little white lies regarding her age when she was first divorced, etc., distract us from the important stuff. We now know enough about her character to disqualify her from any public office. Now, what about her policies?

— David White, Fort Worth

Wonders will never cease! Davis admitted she told a fib and the Star-Telegram printed it. Now she needs to learn from the professionals how to lie about the lies and she will be the perfect little Democrat.

— Eugene Ross, Granbury

Hey Bud [Kennedy], if all you have to chew on besides restaurant food is Wendy Davis’ struggles as a single mom, then the Texas Republicans are in serious trouble.

And if that is the only dirt you can spit out, please go ahead — because it will help those of us who are working to see a change for the better in Texas by supporting Wendy.

— Doris Casey, Fort Worth

The story revealed that Davis left her second husband immediately after he paid for her Harvard education. We also gained insight to her staunch support of abortion. It seems she cares little for children, even her own, choosing career aspirations over caring for them.

Wendy claims to be a role model for young women. I think Texas women deserve a lot better.

— Glenn Rosenberger,

North Richland Hills