Letters to the Editor

A park, not a dump

The Keller yard waste site is now a county dump. Although advertised as a place to dispose of “green yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, branches, stable matter and brush for free,” we witnessed 10 vehicles, including trailers, trucks, and a U-Haul, simultaneously unloading trees and garbage bags filled with who-knows-what.

In addition to yard waste, there were “illegal” piles of logs and mounds and mounds of potentially toxic road waste gravel. Piles of broken concrete slabs were mounded high. Hundreds of unexamined garbage bags were strewn about.

Even though millions of tax dollars have been collected from northeast Keller, elected city officials’ payback is a potentially hazardous dump in the middle of surrounding neighborhoods.

Yard waste brought to our Sports Park is turned into needed mulch. The rest should go to landfill. If the yard waste site is supposed to be a park, then let’s build something Keller can be proud of — a park with nature trails and safe biking paths.Northeast Keller needs its first park, not a county dump.

— Tom Calfee, Keller