Letters to the Editor

Confederate heroes

Unless I overlooked it, the Star-Telegram failed to mention that Sunday, Jan. 19, Confederate Heroes Day, was a Texas state holiday. If it was published and I failed to notice it, please disregard this e-mail.

If it wasn’t published, was it due to an oversight, history revisionism or political correctness?

No matter which one was the reason in failing to publish notice of a state holiday in the paper, it speaks poorly of the Star-Telegram staff.

If one state holiday is recognized by the newspaper, then all state holidays should be recognized.

Senate Bill 60 in the regular session of the 63rd Legislature, approved June 1, 1973, and Effective August 27, 1973, made Jan. 19 a holiday. This bill deleted June 3 as a holiday for Jefferson Davis’ birthday and combined the two into Confederate Heroes Day. (

— Omar Franklin,

Fort Wo