Letters to the Editor

Greene on Christie

Richard Greene’s Sunday column that the liberal media is out to get Gov. Christie due to the New Jersey bridge scandal has become a tiresome cliche. (See: “Will leftist national media help save Chris Christie?”

When in doubt, blame media bias. Those mean old liberals at it again. Throw in a few red herrings by bemoaning the lack of coverage given to the Obama administration’s misadventures; and then polish it off with claims that the national media simply bow down to some cloudy big government agenda.

Were Mr. Greene merely a disgruntled letter-to-the-editor writer (like myself), it would be easy to dismiss his rant. But he is a paid columnist for the Star-Telegram. Consequently, we readers deserve more thought and analysis from a professional than childish finger-pointing and whining about unfairness.

— Michael Putnam, Fort Worth