Letters to the Editor

Davis’ true story

So now that the true story on Wendy Davis has come out, after the glossy picture fed by her Obama team. What else is there to know about her past? Will it be glossed over like President Obama’s or will it be scrutinized thoroughly like the press did President Bush?

I guess it depends which party she carries the banner for. I see her ties to Obama were increased this week to run her campaign. Elect her and Texas will get a government like those in the state of New York, which I fled 43 years ago. A confused government, like the federal government is currently under the Democrats.

Make the right choice this November for a government like we have in Texas now to help keep us free from the so-called intellectuals of the northeast and Washington, D.C. Keep us out of the Obama and Clinton world — free to live and free to be what America should be as our forefathers wanted in 1776: a sound economy with jobs, not permanent handouts.

— Robert Mehalick, Sr., Arlington