Letters to the Editor

Cost of inaction

Our democracy is broken.

The centrists have no one for whom to vote. I don’t say “moderates” because we’re not moderate in our disgust with the extremists on the ballot.

For years, we have voted for the lesser of the evils, but today there are few to choose from.

We can expect mostly extremists to be on the ballot, but some are still less disgusting than others.

In the Fort Worth area, voting in a primary means the Republican primary because there are almost no contested Democratic races.

Instead of sitting on our hands, we should vote for the lesser of the evils in the GOP primary.

Then you Republicans in Name Only (RINOs), independents and moderate Democrats get out in the general election and vote for the lesser of the evils who have survived their primaries.

Our inaction has cost us dearly.

— Gardner Davis, Granbury