Letters to the Editor

Democrats’ nightmare

Thank you for printing the Nov. 19 article by Jay Root, “Black woman determined to beat odds in GOP primary.”

The machine out of Chicago is horrified by a black woman, or man, who is a conservative activist. If Lisa Fritsch gets very much publicity, she can expect the liberals to go to any lengths to discredit her!

Many black people and other minorities have very conservative, Christian views, but you don’t hear it from the media. When people work hard and have to send 15-39 percent of their earnings to Washington to waste, their political views usually change!

I’m amazed by how the mainstream press has managed to keep this woman out of the news. While spending hours commuting, I listen to various talk radio/news shows, and I have never heard of this woman until this article.

Maybe my ears are as bad as my wife says they are!

— Carter Fore, Breckenridge