Letters to the Editor

Words have power

A Nov. 14 story was headlined “Homeless man arrested in church-scam case.”

I could find nothing that indicated his lack of housing had anything to do with criminal activity.

Two stories placed above that one also were about criminal activity and neither mentioned the housing situations of the people concerned.

If the Star-Telegram is to be consistent in its reporting, it should mention a person’s housing (or lack of) only if it is pertinent to the case.

As a person who was once homeless, I know that the vast majority of people who have been in this situation are law-abiding citizens doing the best they can in frightening circumstances.

Most are afraid of being victimized themselves. Articles like this perpetuate the image that the homeless are bad people who should be feared. In reality, they are also residents of this great city and deserve all the respect of any other citizen.

Please know that your words have power. Please use them wisely.

— James Tapscott, Fort Worth