Letters to the Editor

Inventing minorities

“Part of what we are trying to do here is to maintain a multireligious society in a peaceful and harmonious way,” said Elena Kagan, an Obama appointee to the Supreme Court.

Kagan was referring to the court wrestling with claims (by an atheist and a Jew) that legislative prayers violate the Constitution.

According to Justice Antonin Scalia, what the court is doing is “inventing minorities,” and under the guise of civil rights trumping the better judgment of the American people, their state legislatures, even Congress.

Creating or maintaining anything of a social or religious nature is not the business of judges, rather the business of Congress, the people’s representatives and a superior branch according to James Madison.

What the court has done for the last half-century is to hold in favor of a handful of atheists, hell-bent to erase God, the Bible and Jesus Christ from the American conscience.

— Al McCann, Colleyville