Letters to the Editor

Don’t honor Columbus

Last month our country observed Columbus Day. However, I believe we are wrong to idolize Christopher Columbus as a national hero.

He enslaved almost all the natives he came in contact with and was absolutely brutal. His only motives were riches and glory.

Schools teach that he discovered America, yet he never set foot in the land we call the United States.

He explored the Caribbean and wasn’t even the first European in the Americas. He was also a criminal arrested by the Spanish on his third voyage.

Because of these points, I believe that, at the very least, our education system should change what the students learn about Columbus.

We should teach that Columbus helped open up the Americas for exploration, not discovered America. People need to be more educated about Columbus and his greed, brutality and arrest.

The country should be informed.

— Stella Finley, 7th grade,

Fort Worth Country Day School,

Fort Worth