Letters to the Editor

Paying to tango

Regarding Wednesday’s column by Michael Hiltzik, “Why men should pay for maternity coverage”: The first reason stipulated was, “It takes two to tango.”

Well, I’m 82, and I couldn’t tango if I wanted to.

Why should I pay for somebody else’s tango?

What happened to taking responsibility for your own actions? Should I have to pay the consequences, and shouldn’t you think more about the act before doing it?

The writer also says society has a vested interest in healthy mothers.

That’s b.s. The healthy woman is individually responsible for keeping herself healthy.

He then says, “Universal coverage is the only way … ” Again, this 82-year-old man doesn’t live in communist China.

The article was in full support of socialized medicine and was completely absent of individual responsibility.

— J. S. Smith, Arlington