Letters to the Editor

Gender identity

A Saturday story reveals how unrealistic and ridiculous our culture has become (see: “Transgender student’s photo in tuxedo approved”).

A South Texas student named Jeydon wants to appear in masculine clothes for the school yearbook. The school objected, stating that to let a girl appear as a boy “goes against the community standards.”

However, the mother took the matter to the Southern Poverty Law Center and the school was forced to alter its policy. Even the newspaper calls Jeydon a boy.

I know, you know, and everyone knows that calling ourselves a boy doesn’t make us a boy. It is totally unrealistic.

Suppose a child feels and acts like a monkey. That doesn’t make her a monkey.

What does God say? He made males to be males and females to be females. Let’s acknowledge the truth and stop fooling ourselves.

Transgenderism offends society, the world and especially God.

— Richard Hollerman, Fort Worth