Letters to the Editor

Saddam, Bush and WMDs

It seemed odd to me that you printed two Wednesday letters insisting that President George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that this was much worse than President Obama’s lies about Obamacare.

I guess the writers forgot, or are brainwashed to the facts, that many Democrats — including Hillary Clinton — Colin Powell and the U.S. intelligence community all claimed that Iraq had such weapons.

I guess they also forgot about the video of dead Kurdish villagers on which Saddam Hussein used these weapons.

Oh, well, my grandma always said you can see a splinter in someone’s eye but you can’t see a log in your own.

— Andy Schuck, Burleson

Calling President Bush a liar over Iraq is a tried-and-true lie by the Democrats.

If they bothered to gather the facts, they would know that both houses of Congress and dozens of countries worldwide had the same intelligence that Bush did on weapons of mass destruction. Bush didn’t act alone, nor did he act quickly on Iraq. In fact, he took so long to make the move that he was widely criticized.

The previous Clinton administration did a poor job by crippling many of the techniques used to gather intelligence. It took years to put right the damage that was done.

We will never know if major attacks on the U.S. were averted by the Iraq War because you can’t measure something that doesn’t happen.

Three family members have served in Iraq, and their experiences led them to believe it was a worthwhile endeavor.

— Paula Scoggin, Benbrook

Wednesday letter writers John H. Brown and William M. Brown challenged President Bush’s claim that Saddam Hussein harbored weapons of mass destruction.

First, Saddam himself was a weapon of mass destruction. Witness the destruction of his own people in a gas attack on the Kurds on March 16, 1988.

Second, discover a book by Georges Sada, one of Saddam’s top generals, entitled Saddam’s Secrets. Available from Amazon, which describes the book this way:

“In this eye-opening exposé, General Sada shares his bizarre yet amazing journey as an insider to one of history’s most sinister regimes. He also, for the first time, reveals the disturbing truth about Saddam’s plots to destroy Israel, hide weapons of mass destruction and overtake the Arab world.”

Sada shares evidence that the WMDs were transferred from Iraq to Syria, which is why Syria has WMDs today.

— Rick Schwab, Fort Worth