Letters to the Editor

Narcissistic Cruz

In response to the Nov. 10 news story “Ted Cruz exemplifies the rise of individualism in politics”:

Sen. Cruz doesn’t exemplify anything but narcissism.

He speaks about listening to the American people.

The American people voted for the Affordable Care Act when President Obama was re-elected.

It’s nowhere near perfect, but it’s a start.

Instead of working to help the people he represents, whether by expanding Medicaid, improving benefits for seniors and the poor, or raising the minimum wage so people can take care of themselves and their families, Cruz gloated when the government shut down, costing thousands of people their livelihoods.

He’s trying to deny thousands access to affordable healthcare and he’s not focused on anything that would be considered beneficial to his constituents.

Shame on him.

He doesn’t represent what’s good about Texas, and he certainly doesn’t represent me.

He’s in it for himself, and he’s making a complete fool of himself.

— Stacy Forte, Trophy Club