Letters to the Editor

Guns and moms

To the gun-carrying idiots who demonstrated Nov. 9 outside an Arlington restaurant as a group of mothers met inside to advocate sensible restrictions on firearms:

What scares you so much that you show up thinking that your weapons are a debate-ender?

Do these women pose such a threat that you need rifles and pistols to negate their threat? How cowardly is your approach!

Consider discussion. It works. If you’re not able to engage in discourse in an adult manner, then relocate. Or start medication. Seriously!

— Keith Pettit, Arlington

The group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America actually has a fairly radical anti-gun agenda.

What they propose specifically is a ban on “assault” rifles — military-style modern sporting rifles is a more accurate term; true “assault” rifles are fully automatic machine guns already under strict control — background checks for buying even the smallest quantity of ammunition and banning ammunition sales online.

As a responsible gun owner, I must say I have not been a big fan of these open-carry-type demonstrations. In this case, though, I do see the point of emphasizing to the “demanders” that gun owners are your flesh-and-blood fellow citizens.

But I would argue to my open-carry demonstrator friends that the point could be made as well carrying a rifle with the bolt and magazine out and maybe even an empty-chamber flag in it.

— Griffin T. Murphey, Fort Worth