Letters to the Editor

Intimidation politics

Texas has become unbalanced and is verging on political insanity. We are now a one-party dictatorship dedicated to terrorizing citizens into silence.

The bullying at a peaceful meeting of citizens indicates an unbalance of government in Texas. (See Tuesday story “Protesters with guns create stir at meeting.”)

We moderates and liberals do not believe it’s necessary, or even constitutional, for citizens to openly carry long guns in public to intimidate others. These tactics were used by the Ku Klux Klan.

The problem is that our voices were never heard in the halls of justice in the “debate” on the current Texas gun or voting ID law. No loyal opposition was allowed and no ideas other than those espoused by the Tea Party were heard and voted on.

Where are the concerned conservative citizens who know that the rights of Texans are being trampled on? Those in power who are responsible must now step up and save Texas from fringe lunatics bent on intimidation.

— David Perkins, Fort Worth