Letters to the Editor

What about Bush and Iraq?

Richard Greene wasted little time in his Sunday column (“Obamacare chaos goes beyond health insurance”) establishing his dislike for the president, citing the healthcare issues as a token example of his failure as a leader.

He threw out a myriad of pseudo facts and anecdotal stories in a thinly disguised effort to brand the president as a liar.

Perhaps Greene should be reminded that his mentor, President George W. Bush, assured the United States and the world that Iraq was a threat because it possessed weapons of mass destruction.

That proven lie cost the lives of more than 4,000 Americans and an estimated 125,000 Iraqi civilians at a cost of almost $2 trillion. President Obama’s missteps in describing the Affordable Health Care Act pale in comparison to Bush’s lie.

— John H. Brown, Arlington

I’d like Greene to provide specific instances and numbers of people who have suffered any of the horrors itemized in his column on the Affordable Care Act.

If you’re going to provide column space to a Republican apologist like this guy, see if you could get him to do a little more research than just listening to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh or Mark Levin.

And if Greene is really interested in exposing presidential lies and distortions of the truth, perhaps he could write a column on the Bush administration’s rationale for the invasion of Iraq.

By the way, Mr. Greene, what is your plan for dealing with the high cost of medical care in this country?

— William M. Brown, Fort Worth