Letters to the Editor

Heed the minority

Jack Vaughan wrote in a Nov. 6 letter (“Tea Party limitation”) that the Tea Party represents only about 15 percent of the U.S. population, yet Speaker John Boehner allows this minority to run the U.S. House.

Heaven forbid that a small minority would try to awaken the sleeping majority.

Case in point: When “radical” Paul Revere rode the streets of Boston on his midnight ride crying “The British are coming,” don’t you know that only a few answered the call? Thank God for those in the minority.

Vaughan would have been like most people, closing the shutters and going back to sleep, annoyed that a radical outside disturbed his sleep.

In 1959, Gus Hall, president of the U.S. Communist Party, predicted that there would be people like Vaughan when he said, “We’ll bury you so gently you won’t even know you are dead.”

My advice: Go back to sleep. As for me: I’m getting dressed to see what this “radical” has to say.

— Daniel J. Gerold, Fort Worth