Letters to the Editor

Why so little love for Arlington Lamar high school football?

Arlington Lamar takes the field before its game with Arlington High at Cravens Field on Thursday, November 7, 2019. Lamar won 34-33 on a last second touchdown.
Arlington Lamar takes the field before its game with Arlington High at Cravens Field on Thursday, November 7, 2019. Lamar won 34-33 on a last second touchdown. dlauber@star-telegram.com

Arlington Lamar is left out here

Reading the weekly Class 6A area high school football rankings posted by Brian Gosset, I have noticed that Arlington Lamar has been classified as “on the fence” several times. But I don’t recall seeing coverage of any Lamar game except when it lost to Arlington Martin.

I don’t understand why a Tarrant County newspaper gives so little coverage to a 7-1 Tarrant County high school. There was a time when we could count on the Star-Telegram for full coverage of Fort Worth, Arlington and Tarrant County high school football.

- Sandy Potts, Fort Worth

Cruz’s true loyalties evident

I’m confused about why the Star-Telegram thought Sen. Ted Cruz’s objection to the impeachment inquiry deserved front-page coverage. (Oct. 31, “Ted Cruz opposes impeachment inquiry”)

Cruz, along with virtually every other Republican lawmaker, has stood by silently as the president has disgraced his office by betraying our allies, mocking veterans and enlisting a foreign government’s interference in our elections.

Knowing that Cruz defends a man who belittled his wife and called his father a murderer tells us everything we need to know: He values his Senate seat more than the oath he took to defend the Constitution.

- Sharon Austry, Fort Worth

Senate impartiality doesn’t look likely

The impeachment process will probably culminate in a trial in the Senate. President Donald Trump is doing all he can to ensure Republican senators will support him when the final Senate vote comes, including holding strategy sessions and supplementing some individual re-election coffers.

Isn’t that like a defendant in a criminal trial meeting with the jury members before the trial and offering them incentives to find him not guilty? How can that be OK? In any other setting, it would be called jury tampering.

- James Withaeger, Arlington

Have to keep an eye on them

I was shocked to read Saturday’s Opinion page. It was the first time I have read this section without finding any negative comments about our president.

I have been a subscriber for 30 years. I started to cancel my subscription months ago because of the bias, but I decided that the Star-Telegram is a good way to keep up with the left-wing loons who are trying to destroy our country.

- Bill McDaniel, Arlington

Talk about a stark contrast

I take exception to Cynthia M. Allen writing that President Barack Obama’s time in the White House “helped provoke the strange and destructive environment of quick judgment and false virtue in which we live, that cancels people who say unpopular things.” (Nov. 1, 11A, “Obama words on call-out culture, wokeness apply to Fort Worth”)

The current occupant of the White House has called people human scum, murderers and rapists, has described cities as “rat-infested” and condemns and insults anyone who disagrees with him. Obama showed values, compassion and dignity in the office.

- Joann Ehlers, Fort Worth

O’Rourke had a good influence

Thank you, Beto O’Rourke. Your commitment to ending gun violence and uplifting the voices of the victims and families has made the 2020 presidential race — and our country — stronger.

- Paul Bacon, Hallandale Beach, Florida