Letters to the Editor

Frivolous lawsuit for victim in police taser burning death

Other children have needs as well

Hungry. Dirty clothes. In need of hygiene products. Lacking medicine. No electricity.

The border? No, I’m referring to the story, “Schools Find a New Way to Combat Student Absences: Washing Machines” from The New York Times earlier this year. It was about schools across the nation tackling problems that keep kids from attending regularly.

Where’s the outrage for these children? I guess it doesn’t fit some people’s political narrative.

Kim Gillitzer,


Place the blame where it belongs

Who is to blame for the border crisis? By now, most of the world has seen or heard of the mass detention of those trying to enter the United States illegally. They can see and hear of the miserable conditions there, yet they keep coming, bringing their children with them. Why do they hope to be received with open arms when it is clear they won’t be?

Blame the parents who are bringing themselves and their children and trying to enter illegally. Blame the politicians who are encouraging them to come.

The situation at the border is deplorable, but it is also avoidable. Do not blame those who are enforcing our laws; blame those who are responsible. Especially blame those hoping to gain votes or headlines at the expense of these would-be immigrants.

Mark Stewart,


Continue to remember Lee

Richard Greene’s June 23 commentary about Confederate memorials and statues was right on target. (June 23, 5B, “Leaving Confederate memorials and statues in place can teach us valuable US history lessons”)

Many statues of Robert E. Lee created by famous sculptors are magnificent. The statue Robert E. Lee on Traveller in Dallas’ Turtle Creek Park received an historical marker from the Texas Historical Commission, and U.S. presidents have complimented the work.

The South has many statues honoring Confederate officers, some of which are huge tourist attractions. Also, Lee served in the U.S. Army for 32 years and fought in the Mexican-American War, earning his place in history from both sides.

Whose statues are next — those of George Washington and other slave owners? Remember the saying, often attributed to Lee: “It is well that war is so terrible, otherwise we should grow too fond of it.”

Delbert L. Cantrell,

Fort Worth

The ‘victim’ was at fault here

After reading “Lawsuit: Police Tasers caused man’s death,” (June 29, 1A, ) I thought: Suicidal, gasoline-doused, lighter-holding victim situations are nothing new. Officers can only use the tactics and court-tested policies afforded them.

If the man had lit himself on fire, officers would also have been burned. So tasers were deployed to try to prevent him from using his lighter. An officer might have been able to use a baton to knock the lighter from the man’s hand, but who knows?

Had the man ignited himself while police waited for a crisis-intervention team, as some have suggested, a lawsuit would probably still have been brought.

No one could tell whether the lighter or the tasers initiated the flames. This lawsuit is frivolous.

Richard Holbrook,


Whether they want it or not

An atheist organization wastes time and money on an empty project. (July 3, 9A, “Atheist banners prompt complaints; mayor responds”) So sad. But like it or not, the atheists have a lot of people praying for them.

Jim Hargrove,

Fort Worth