Letters to the Editor

Imagine being an African American singing about ‘the land of cotton’

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University police lowered the rebel flag at the University of Texas at Arlington for the last time on June 29, 1968.
University police lowered the rebel flag at the University of Texas at Arlington for the last time on June 29, 1968.

I had a change of mind at UTA

I attended the University of Texas at Arlington in 1970, when the school’s athletic teams were known as the Rebels. Our commander of the ROTC drill team was asked by some of the black students to weigh in on the controversy over the display of the Confederate flag, as he was black and had the second-highest rank in the ROTC battalion.

He responded that he was at UTA to get a degree and a commission in the U.S. Army. At Six Flags Over Texas, we portrayed Confederate soldiers — one team, black, brown and white, all Americans, who remembered our history and didn’t have to tear down statues.

As a UTA student, I initially voted for keeping the Rebel theme in the first election on the issue. But then I heard a black student say, “Try singing, ‘I wish I was in the land of cotton, old times there are not forgotten.’”

That made me realize we needed to be more inclusive in our theme. In the second election, I voted for the Mavericks as our new school mascot, and not the Rebels.

Val Vance Prather,

Fort Worth

Gratitude for holiday generosity

As the 2018 season kettle coordinator for the Salvation Army Fort Worth Northside, I would like to publicly thank the local businesses that provided incentives for our bell ringers in the form of gift certificates and gift baskets.

We received donations from these generous Lake Worth, Azle and Fort Worth restaurants: Cotton Patch Café, El Paseo Mexican Restaurant, Riscky’s Bar-B-Q, Ginger Brown’s Old Tyme Restaurant & Bakery, Alba’s Italian Restaurant, Rosa’s Café, City Works Fort Worth, Bullfrog Grill, Logan’s Roadhouse, Yummy Yummy Donuts and Pizza Hut.

Susan Brown,

Fort Worth

This is the opposite of leadership

In my opinion, any president who would want to shut down the government just because he doesn’t get his way should be impeached. He truly is a self-made spoiled rich brat. It’s about time for Congress to tell him to pick up his toys and go home.

Jack Brocious,


Benefits from the wall come back

I am amazed at the opposition to the cost of the wall. I say, no matter what it costs: So what?

Whom do these people think this money is going to? Do they think we are going to pay the French to build it? Are we going to pay Spain? How about Russia or China? Heaven forbid we pay Mexico to build it.

No. We’re going to pay Americans — American construction companies using American steel, American concrete and most of all American workers, putting that money in their American bank accounts so they can pay their mortgages, put food on their tables and send their kids to college.

This would be money well spent.

Steve R. Williams,


Every word has meaning behind it

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared, “On this, Donald is right. I agree with him,” on pulling troops out of Syria. (Dec. 20, Star-Telegram.com, “Putin welcomes US pullout from Syria”)

Notice that he didn’t say he agrees with “the president of the United States” on such a foolish, dangerous decision.

Putin was a longtime KGB foreign intelligence officer. He says nothing by accident; every word he says has a purpose. Don’t discount the implication of a seemingly insignificant word usage. Frightening.

Greg S. Pate,

Fort Worth