Letters to the Editor

Steal my political yard sign? I think that means you can’t argue

A Trump-Pence sign was stolen and thrown into a park pond in a north Arlington neighborhood, prompting the homeowner to file a police report.
A Trump-Pence sign was stolen and thrown into a park pond in a north Arlington neighborhood, prompting the homeowner to file a police report. Star-Telegram file photo

Stay on the Trump train, voters

While pondering whom I should vote for in the November election, I considered the following: national defense, immigration control, economy and trade, foreign policy, domestic policy and adherence to the Constitution.

As a comparison: Democrats stifled defense spending, had an open door for immigrants, doubled our national debt and did nothing about our trade imbalance, gave Iran $180 billion in return for a sievelike nuclear deal, spent $580 billion on a stimulus package that produced little or no benefits, created an unaffordable health care plan and issued executive orders that were unconstitutional.

President Donald Trump is building up defenses, attempting to control immigration, building the economy to lower debt and decreasing trade deficit, increasing domestic industrial output, jobs and wages, and reversing unconstitutional executive orders.

Simple isn’t it? Vote Republican for success, or vote Democratic for failure.

Clyde Picht,

Fort Worth

Cruz family was welcomed here

Rep. Beto O’Rourke is the one to lead Texas in the right direction for all the people,

Sen. Ted Cruz said his father came here from Cuba in 1957 and became a citizen legally. Is it not true that refugees from Cuba who were fleeing to escape danger or persecution were welcome over our borders? They were not called criminals or deported and did not have their children taken from them.

This 86-year-old Republican woman will cast her vote for Beto O’Rourke.

Neysa Thompson,


Steal your way to the top?

Friends and neighbors, what does its say about our community that a fellow citizen thinks it’s perfectly legitimate to trespass on my private property multiple times to steal yard signs — personal property that I paid for — proclaiming my support for a candidate?

It seems to me that this person’s willingness to commit petty theft to trample on my First Amendment right is just a further manifestation of the pathetic state of his or her candidate’s campaign strategy, and that of so many others contaminating the democratic process across our country: Win at all costs, even if you have to steal to do it.

What has happened to our sense of common decency and moral compass?

Silas O. Hughes Jr.,

Fort Worth

Backward on rape culture

Conservative comedian Steven Crowder may say he is calling for reasonable dialogue on whether a rape culture exists on college campuses. However, his approach is spring-loaded to blame victims, minimize actions of perpetrators and value the futures of men over women.

His interviews with Texas Christian University students, in which he dares them to “change my mind,” are set up with misleading statistics — for example, that rape is not more common than other crimes, even though most rapes are not reported. Of rapes that are reported, only 2 percent turn out to be false, according to reputable studies.

For Cynthia Allen to state that Crowder was just arguing “that contemporary culture (and TCU’s culture, for that matter) does not encourage or tolerate rape” is specious. (Oct. 12, 9A, “TCU had flawed response to ‘rape culture is a myth’”)

Because rape and sexual assault have been so tolerated, we have Justice Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court and Donald Trump in the White House. Crowder is excusing the accused and accusing the victims.

Laurence Pimentel,

Fort Worth