Letters to the Editor

Tax homes on sales value, not appraisal; and other letters

A reader writes that taxes should always be based on the purchase price.
A reader writes that taxes should always be based on the purchase price.

Taxes: Use purchase price, not appraisal

It's an injustice when rising appraisals force people out of their homes.

This is particularly true when people reach the end of their working years and their income no longer appreciates.

When all the homes in a neighborhood are appraised and taxed equally, it seems fair. But is it just?

Why not give up equality by freezing the appraisal of a homestead at the purchase price, unless there is an exterior addition?

When you buy a home, you have an undisputed valuation. So you should not complain if a neighbor who bought years ago has a lower tax bill.

This would promote stability. People with rising incomes would have an incentive to keep up their homes.

—Danny Lee, Aledo

Taxes: Review board not a problem

Although written by someone familiar with the appraisal district and the appraisal review boards, this article is far off the mark of identifying the problem of rapidly increasing property taxes. (“Fairer property taxes begins with fixing appraisal boards,” May 26)

I have served on the Tarrant ARB for the past two years. Like everyone else I was appointed by the county administrative judge and had no incentive or inclination to side with either TAD or the protesting property owner.

The ARB members just tried to establish a value of a property based upon the evidence presented.

—John P. Nolan,


Taxes: Federal law doesn't make sense

I believe that the recently enacted tax law is contrary to common sense.

I do not believe that the tax savings to most families will result in a sufficient increase in consumer demand to encourage corporations to invest more than a small portion of their savings, if any.

If substantial tax savings were given most families, the increase in consumer demand would be sufficient incentive to corporations to invest substantially in increased production of goods with a minimal amount of tax savings or none.

The legislators who supported this legislation are either naive or mathematically inept.

—Donald Jacobson,


Sex & gender lesson nothing to fear

I was sad to hear that sex education is once again controversial. ("Transgender lesson in health class causing a stir," May18)

It’s not enough not to teach children about safer sex. Now we must hide gender and sexuality.

What are parents so afraid of? That their children might learn to understand and respect people who are different from themselves?

Zeb Pent claimed, “There’s male and there is female.” I assume genetics will be the next controversial subject.

Gay, transgender, intersex, and non-binary people existed long before Christianity and Islam, and will exist long after.

—Tabitha Kaiser,

Fort Worth

Teachers should not discuss family

My father was a teacher.

Teachers never shared their personal life during classes. it was discouraged.

They did their job and kept their personal life out of it. We respected the good teachers and didn't care whether they were straight or gay.

Why is it so important to tell students? Just do the job and keep your personal life personal.

—Lynne Harmon,

Fort Worth

No personal comments from teachers

I disagree with the notion that the district is not inclusive simply because it will not permit a teacher to discuss being LGBT. ("Mansfield gets an 'F' for LGBT inclusion," May 1)

This topic should be off the table for an elementary schoolteacher under all circumstances. There is no reason for a teacher to discuss her life with a young child. I do not recall even one teacher who shared a photo of her family.

—Tracy Shannon,


Don't say suicide involves 'courage'

Taking one's own life after killing others is never an act of "courage."

Shame on Galveston County Judge Mark Henry and others who portrayed it as though it would have been courageous for the shooter at Santa Fe High School to take his own life.

The judge was quoted saying the shooter decided to "chicken out."

Reporters would do well to rephrase such comments — may such an event never happen again — in a way that avoids any possibility of inciting further madness and violence, especially among troubled young people.

—Sandra Higgins,

Fort Worth

Expand state mental hospitals

We need to revisit the decision to cut back state mental hospitals and begin providing real help those families who deal with mental illnesses.

Currently no person can be held beyond a few days at most. Then they are bounced back to their families with a prescription for meds, which will probably not be taken, which begins a new cycle.

In order to keep these patients on the appropriate medications, they need to be confined.

Also there should be legal exposure for the parents of adolescents who carry out shootings or make threats.

—Julie Wende,

Fort Worth

Fort Worth: Thanks for Station No. 18

Fort Worth firefighters' finest lit up the night as Fire Station No. 18 recently celebrated 95 years at their bungalow home on Carleton Avenue at historic Camp Bowie Boulevard in Arlington Heights.

Thank you to the many volunteers and supporters: the FWFD bomb and K9 united, Acoustic Soup, Ben E. Keith, Blue Bonnet Bakery, Chick-fil-A, FWFD Citizens Fire Academy, Cookies by Design, Curly's Frozen Custard, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Ollie the therapy dog, the Railhead, the Texas Girls' Choir, Winslow's Wine Cafe, our fabulous face painter Sarah, the Crestline Area Neighborhood Association, and Rivercrest Station for hosting this epic birthday party celebration of our Fort Worth Fire Department, bungalow Station No. 18. Heartfelt thanks to all Fort Worth firefighters and first responders!

—Brenda Helmer,

Fort Worth