Letters to the Editor

For and against immigration crackdowns, and other reader letters

In this June 18, 2014, photo, children who’d been detained at the U.S. border slept at a processing facility in Brownsville, Texas.
In this June 18, 2014, photo, children who’d been detained at the U.S. border slept at a processing facility in Brownsville, Texas. AP

Don't separate children, mothers

I am enraged and disgusted at the announced policy to separate young children and mothers who are here illegally.

What does a 5-year-old know about legal or illegal border crossings?

Some of these children will surely be harmed and many will be orphaned.

How is this good for family values? How is this pro-life? It is cruelty to no purpose.

Whatever we each think about immigration, we know in our hearts that this policy violates both Christian and American values.

—Susan Faro, Bedford

Let elected officials decide immigration enforcement

A few months ago, the Editorial Board wrote that the city should not join in enforcing federal law against those here illegally.

Fortunately, our city council protected legal residents.

Now, the board is recommending against enforcement for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals participants.

We are a democratic republic with the right of self-determination. Your ire would be better served by demanding that Democrats participate in governance.

—Joseph Ansley,

Fort Worth

Mansfield: Teacher's suspension wrong

I was saddened and angered to read about the suspension of teacher Stacy Bailey. ("Mansfield teacher was accused of promoting a 'homosexual agenda.' Now she's suing," May 8)

Like many teachers, she shared photos and information about her life with her students. But unlike most, she essentially lost her job over it.

This was a teaching moment. Children could learn about diversity and inclusion, but instead learned that discrimination is acceptable.

I hope she wins her suit and moves on to one of the many school districts that would welcome a two-time teacher of the year.

—Casey Hibbard,

Boulder, Colorado

Mansfield: Time to quit public schools

Until recently, same-sex relationships were recognized by nearly everyone in society as being shameful, immoral, and plainly wrong.

In the last few years, relationships have been deemed acceptable by an increasingly immoral and secularistic culture.

Mansfield parents were entirely right in accusing Bailey.

Responsible, moral parents have one option: Begin to homeschool their children.

—Richard Hollerman,

Fort Worth

Teachers getting cut

Parents, teachers and Fort Worth should be concerned about the continuing effort by staff to eliminate teachers.

Having already raised our teaching loads to the highest in major Texas districts last year, the district plans to reduce staff by another 150 teachers.

Our schools are already handicapped in the management of our schools due to the shortage of over 30 campus monitors, 20 percent of the total budgeted.

—Ann Sutherland,

Fort Worth