Letters to the Editor

Welcome Fowler in Arlington, boo beer at TCU and other reader letters

Melody Fowler upset incumbent Kristen Hudson to win an Arlington school board seat May 5, 2018.
Melody Fowler upset incumbent Kristen Hudson to win an Arlington school board seat May 5, 2018.

Thanks to Hudson, welcome Fowler

I wish to thank Kristen Hudson for her service to the Arlington schools, and to congratulate Melody Fowler as a new board member.

Fowler has the background to be a contributing member of the board.

However, I am concerned about her last-minute mailing trying to turn the school board race into a partisan race.

There is a good reason why board candidates must file as independents and not list party affiliation. We do not need the divisiveness of party affiliation in the board room.

I am going to assume, that being new to politics, Fowler took some very poor advice.

Melody, go and be a great board member. Just leave your party politics at the board room door.

—Dick Powell, Arlington

Streets need more help than river

The Panther Island project has now passed the $1.1 billion mark.

With completion not scheduled until 2026, rest assured that these won’t be the last bonds or property tax increases. The water district board seems willing to sink deeper in debt for a project that has never generated much enthusiasm.

Mayor Price continues to support throwing good money after bad: Panther Island, rent-a-bike, creating traffic problems by insisting on expanding bike lanes, reorganizing traffic patterns in congested area by closing lanes or making certain roads one-way.

Repairing existing streets might be better.

It’s unfortunate that only 5 percent of voters turned out to evaluate the wisdom of continuing to fund pet projects.

—Charles Andrews,

Fort Worth

Beer sales at TCU a money grab

May marks my 50th anniversary of graduation from Texas Christian University and should be a treasured moment, but apparently TCU’s leadership has sold out for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver.

My alma mater has agreed to sell beer at some athletic events. I understand the times and the effort to please crowds, but when TCU starts selling alcohol at games, it’s a disturbing sign of go-along-to-get-along.

I love a cold beer and good game, but when TCU sells alcohol to increase crowds or generate revenue, it sells its soul.

It’s no longer about college athletics or building character. It’s about making money.

More disturbing is the abandonment of TCU’s spiritual and academic roots for the almighty dollar!

—Robert G. Liming,

Columbia, S.C.

Ending Hondurans' stay is unfair

Our government intends to deport Hondurans who have lived here legally for 20 years.

We welcomed them after the devastation of Hurricane Mitch. Their home country is in the throes of drug-related violence, which has induced more to seek refuge.

Why is that bad? Why would we not want to help them get a new start?

We are truly smug if we call these people criminals, just because they traveled 2,000 miles with nothing and crossed our border, so that maybe their children would not be gunned down by thugs who want to sell drugs.

I pray that we are not yet that uncaring as a society.

—Michael Arth,