Letters to the Editor

Beto vs. Cruz, and other letters

The now-gone tree where Fred rouse was hanged was at the corner of Samuels Avenue and Northeast 12th Street.
The now-gone tree where Fred rouse was hanged was at the corner of Samuels Avenue and Northeast 12th Street. bud@star-telegram.com

For Beto: He listens to town hall voters

Since Beto announced that he was running for the Senate, he has been in almost every county in Texas.

I am very happy to see how Texans are engaging and supporting Beto. In College Station, his first town hall had 20 people, the second more than 100 and recently more than 400.

I am not red or blue, I just want somebody to represent me well in the Senate and that is Beto.

I support Beto O'Rourke because he really understands, listens to us and always keeps a positive message whether we are independents, Republicans or Democrats.

—Carlos Moreno,


For Cruz: He's not a liberal

I just received a text message seeking my support for Beto. I have done some research on this individual and he appears to be an ultra-liberal.

We are still trying to recover from the occupant of the White House for the last two terms.

Why in the world would I support another one for the U.S. Senate?

—Dexter Gatlin,


A marker for victim Fred Rouse

Fred Rouse is not forgotten in Fort Worth. ("A death on Samuels Avenue: New memorial remembers a killing our history forgets," April 14)

In honor of the opening of The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama last week, I charge Fort Worth to make known the history of Rouse’s atrocious 1921 lynching by erecting a permanent historical marker at N.E. 12th Street and Samuels Avenue, to include Rouse’s story in history books, and to create a truth and reconciliation commission for lynching.

By not remembering, do we revise and unwrite history?

—Adam W. McKinney,

Fort Worth

Mansfield: No 'F' for officials in teacher case

Whoa, the only "F" that should be given is an "F" as in "fired" to the teacher who brought up a subject that should be discussed only between the children and their parent. ("Mansfield gets an 'F' for LGBT inclusion," May 1)

Sex in any form is not a discussion point at this level of school.

—William Pool, Burleson

Mansfield: Apply policy fairly to everybody

The report that some parent complained when a popular, stellar female teacher showed students a photo collage of her family (including her wife) made my blood boil.

If suspending and investigating this teacher for her home life is Mansfield policy, then no teacher should be allowed to display family photos or speak of their spouse.

—Mary Laptiuk Pierce,


Concerned about Paxton's DACA lawsuit, city trees

I am an 83-year-old second-generation Texan.

I am aware that I live on property that was taken from Mexico.

I am also Christian and believe in a God who created every one of us in God's image, no matter our color, our faith, our sexual orientation.

I am very disturbed over so many issues.

First is Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, concerned every time to protect the unborn and now treating the born as those who don't belong here, as he sues to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Second, on the Editorial Board's concern for trees: That is a whole issue of caring for God's creation.

I wish we would think of our faiths as an assignment to care for God's people and our planet.

—Judy O'Donnell,

Fort Worth

Is there another way besides property tax?

I understand property taxes fund my local ISD, community college, hospital and governments.

But is there a better way to collect this money than by taxing my property?

I don't mind being taxed for services I use or that benefit the community. I just don't see why that tax should come from property that I own rather than per transaction.

I don't even mind paying more than my fair share.

I would be interested in alternatives.

—Albert Peralez,


Let Mueller do his work

For those who are whining about the Mueller investigation, please step back and look at the Watergate investigation and the time it took to build a case even when Democrats were in control.

This is not a witch hunt. Mueller has gone about his business quietly, doing what he was hired to do.

Trump says it is distracting.

He should think about his actions and those of people around him before he points fingers at a man simply doing his job.

—Deborah Chaney,


Good work by AmeriCorps

Most of the Fort Worth community is already well aware of the dismal status of East Lancaster Avenue, which houses more than 100 homeless persons and their families.

Yet no one knows what Ocean 4 of AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian Community Corps), working under FEMA Corps (Federal Emergency Management), has achieved in a short time.

For the past month, we have contributed our time Sundays at Beautiful Feet Ministries. Our tasks range from helping prepare meals to assisting with clothing donations, playing with children and traveling to the Salvation Army to pick up the homeless.

We hope future teams continue this service when we unfortunately depart June 4.

—Ashanti A.

Muhammad, Fort Worth