Letters to the Editor

On Stickland, Empower Texans' role in Euless, Colleyville campaigns

Colleyville will elect city council and school board members May 5.
Colleyville will elect city council and school board members May 5. Star-Telegram archive

Euless: For Bhojani

In a KXAS/Channel 5 interview, state Rep. Jonathan Stickland raised an issue about the religion of Salman Bhojani, a Euless city council candidate.

This is un-American. Bhojani has a constitutional right to practice his faith.

The Euless City Council race isn't about religion, race, or even party. it's a non-partisan position.

It should be about accomplishments, vision for Euless' future, and passion for serving Euless citizens.

These criteria make Bhojani a compelling candidate; his rags-to-riches story (gas station clerk to owner of multiple stations to attorney) is the American story.

We are fortunate that he wants to use his ability and energy to make Euless even better.

Stickland reminded me of Mr. Potter from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life": his bulky frame behind a desk, weaving deceitful schemes.

Mr. Potter ultimately failed. Hopefully Stickland will, too.

—Kevin Patrick,


Euless: For Maddux

There has been much slander from both sides of the fence, but there is a very telling fact that has been overlooked.

One of the candidates has lived in Euless eight years, but according to county records, he has voted only twice in city council elections.

This fact overshadows any words spoken about a desire to serve our community.

My vote is for Molly Maddux.

—Beth Kossuth,


Colleyville: For Maynard

I do not know and have never met Chuck Kelley.

That said, he is endorsed by Empower Texans, a group that says it is for tax reform.

Empower Texans is funded by rich oilmen such as the Wilks Brothers from Cisco and Tim Dunn from Midland. They fund candidates in local elections to oppose tax laws.

Look at Kansas and Oklahoma to see how well those anti-tax views work for the average citizen.

Now back to Chuck Kelley: I’m sure he is a nice guy and may not have sought the endorsement or money from Empower, but he is obviously their dog in this fight.

Therefore, my wife and I are voting for Wayne Maynard for city council.

Local government should be local, not owned by some West Texas oilmen.

—Tom Rodgers,


GCISD: Against Putnam, Raine

School board candidates are elected to serve students, parents and taxpayers. No one runs as a Republican or Democrat.

Unfortunately, candidates Tim Raine and Amy Putnam have injected partisan politics.

Their flyers accuse others of "liberal" this and that, and they have support from partisan political groups outside the district who flooded our mailboxes with more flyers.

They have gone so far as to directly request votes from Republicans.

The GCISD went through a political period in the late '90s and early 2000s. It took years for the district to rebound from partisan division.

I encourage voters not to be fooled by these candidates.

They will bring the divisive partisan politics of the national and state level to the GCISD.

—Hayden Chasteen,


No protection for seniors

With our ever-growing senior population, 70 percent of our teenagers and young adults unable to qualify for military service, and the rest of us too busy enjoying this fabulous lifestyle, who is going to protect us in the years to come?

—Jerry Wylie,


Allen's column thoughtful

The articles written by Cynthia M. Allen are clearly written and thought-provoking without an emotional stance and help the reader address current issues objectively.

Thanks for providing this perspective.

—Mary C. Williams,