Letters to the Editor

For Rebel battle flags, against 'Lincoln's armies,' and other reader letters

The Texas Civil War Museum in White Settlement.
The Texas Civil War Museum in White Settlement. Star-Telegram archives

For Confederate Rebel battle flags …

So the Texas Civil War Museum's gift shop has more Confederate battle flags than genuine Confederate national flags? (“Dallas saw too much Rebel in Civil War Museum,” Bud Kennedy column, Wednesday)

How is that politics?

Doesn't that mean they sell more battle flags than the genuine Confederate flag, the Stars and Bars?

It's market-driven. If they sell more of one product than another, it's only common sense that they keep in stock whatever sells the most.

That's called capitalism.

—Gary Swanzy,

Fort Worth

against Lincoln and Army invasion

I am proud of the way the Texas Civil War Museum shows an unprejudiced retelling of this major American event.

The layout of historic items, signage and research shows this powerful gallery should be applauded.

Anyone who finds fault with the Confederate symbols would find fault with any Confederate symbols.

The Civil War was an American tragedy, no doubt.

I am a proud American and a proud Southerner who respects our forefathers’ sacrifices to protect their homes from Lincoln’s invading armies.

—Bob Rosar, Euless

Commie-hunting letter like a trip back in time

I had to look at the date on the April 26 letters to make sure I had not somehow been transported back in time to 1952. ("Please! Guns keep us save from commies," Letters)

A reader wrote, "Communists have been infiltrating public universities, public schools, all the big organizations, and not to forget California."

Good grief!

—Stephen P. Hammack,


No more state money for NFL

Our elected state office-holders have repeatedly cut education funding over the last 10 years, making public colleges, prohibitively expensive and making our property taxes soar.

Then I read that the governor sent $2,175,247 of taxpayer money to help billionaire Jerry Jones defray the cost of the NFL draft.

I guess Jerry and the NFL are so poor they couldn’t afford to do this without our money.

I am outraged. You should be too.

We need to let our state government know this is not acceptable. Education must come first.

Giving rich people money from a taxpayer-funded slush fund needs to stop.

—Richard LaChance,

Fort Worth

No need to protest cars

A reader asked why David Hogg and other teenagers don't protest trucks and cars because they also kill people.

The reason they don't is because vehicles are "well-regulated." There are records of who owns them and where. Drivers have to be licensed and follow a myriad of laws. A license can be revoked and vehicles can be impounded.

Gun laws are currently being protested because they are currently the equivalent of allowing vehicles to be driven as fast as they can by unlicensed drivers.

—Karl Irvin, Arlington