Letters to the Editor

'Botanic Garden' and other letters

A task force is considering charging a higher, overall fee for entering the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.
A task force is considering charging a higher, overall fee for entering the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. rmallison@star-telegram.com

Botanic Garden

I would like to voice my concern regarding admission fees to enter the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

I agree our garden needs repairs, but the fees are too high. It will also make the garden inaccessible to local residents.

We visit the garden every weekend and observe local families enjoying walks and picture-taking. Your article states that 2/3 of the visitors are from out of state but I have never been asked nor have I ever seen anyone else asked.

Our visits to The Japanese Gardens drop with each fee increase.

This was also true when the city added an entrance fee to the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge. Adding a fee makes Fort Worth a destination city but does not serve its residents.

Find another approach — like fundraising campaigns.

— Laurie Stelljes,

Fort Worth

Us 'old people'

Occasionally we read in the newspaper about some poor old person that has been duped out of their life savings by some scam artist. The inference is that all old people lose it and are easy prey to those that would take advantage of our decaying brains.

The fact is that most of us "old people" are just as sharp as we ever were. If all of the attempts at trying to get an old person’s savings were reported, the results would be astounding.

I’m 83 and like most people my age, I’ve still got it!

— Melvin Bourn,

Fort Worth

Amazon's turn

In the past, President Donald Trump described Macy's as "disloyal" and "weak," later gleefully taking credit for their stock market losses.

Now it’s Amazon’s turn.

When another citizen levies such criticism, he or she is subject to a lawsuit by the company as well as Securities and Exchange Commission stock manipulation charges. A sitting president is immune to such actions.

In the cacophony that is the Trump administration, a minor transgression like sabotaging shareholder value gets a pass from our media.

That a sitting president, engaging in (and relishing) his damage to a company (without even a hint that the business engages in illegalities or improprieties) is yet another damning action by a president long overdue for impeachment.

— Charles Stonick,



The Star-Telegram Editorial Board condones lawbreakers in favor of money. (Census citizenship question would hurt Texas; April 2)

I’m disgusted.

— Randy Burton,